ChartMogul Built on Braintree to Help Provide Analytics to Recurring Revenue Merchants

Today we caught up with Nick Franklin, CEO of ChartMogul, to learn more about their analytics platform. ChartMogul is built on top of Braintree and provides analytics to recurring revenue merchants to help assess lifetime value of the customer and ultimately help increase sales.

How did ChartMogul come to be?

I started in the early days at Zendesk where I was responsible for the European and then Asian markets. During my time at Zendesk, I spent many years measuring (and being measured in) monthly recurring revenue (MRR). In looking at the metrics, I realized there had to be a better way to identify these numbers and improve the user experience. So I set out to build a new platform and, earlier this year, we officially launched ChartMogul, built on top of the Braintree platform. Now, Braintree subscription-based merchants can get their MRR, lifetime value of the customer, churn rate, and many other important analytics through a simple integration.

Why did you decide to build on the Braintree platform?

I used Braintree when I was at Zendesk so I knew quite a bit about the system. I also looked at the space and realized that many of the leading edge tech companies use Braintree, which are the customers I know could benefit from ChartMogul. It seemed to be a perfect fit to help enable ChartMogul to succeed. From a developer standpoint, Braintree has an awesome developer framework with clear documentation, a stable platform, clean APIs and an incredibly helpful customer support team. I also knew it would be easy for Braintree customers to access our tools. To use ChartMogul, all a Braintree customer needs to do is input their API keys from Braintree. From there, all of their data will be imported into ChartMogul and ready to analyze.

Who is currently using ChartMogul? And how has ChartMogul helped these customers?

We launched only earlier this year and already have well over 100 customers including LeadPages,, Workable, AdEspresso, CodeGuard, ServerDensity, among others. It’s powerful for these customers to be able to see how much revenue they are losing due to churn. With ChartMogul, customers like can get access to very insightful data that can inform business decisions, like identifying the most dangerous month in a subscription cycle using our cohort analysis feature.

How have you grown and what’s next for ChartMogul?

We’ve been impressed with the quick adoption of ChartMogul. From day one we’ve been international. The team is based in Berlin, yet more than half of our customers are in the US. Our team has grown to 10 and we’ve raised $600K in funding. We’re hoping to open a US office later this year to help support our our growing customer base.

ChartMogul is offering a 60 day free trial to all Braintree merchants. Just sign up for a free trial on, then email with the subject line “Braintree Rocks” and the ChartMogul team will extend your 14 day trial to 60 days (valid until May 30, 2015).


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