Introducing the Simplest Solution for Mobile Credit Card Processing

App developers are always looking for ways to perfect the user experience. And we're always looking for ways to make things a little easier for developers.

Braintree just introduced libraries for mobile platforms that allow credit card payments to be simply and securely accepted through even purely native mobile apps. Developers can now use all the rich interface components native to mobile platforms and avoid the performance impact of a web-view approach, all without compromising the security of the customer.

These libraries help developers avoid PCI compliance issues by encrypting sensitive credit card data when it is entered by the user on their mobile device. The encrypted data is then passed through the merchant's server to Braintree for processing. Only Braintree can decrypt the information, preventing the merchant from being exposed to sensitive credit card data.

With this approach, the customer entering the credit card information on the app is the last person to see it. Other mobile app payments solutions typically use either a web browser masked as an app or additional requests to the merchant's server and the gateway. These require more network activity, which can significantly affect performance on mobile devices, as well as limit the merchant's ability to use the rich interface components native to the mobile platforms.

The libraries support both mobile phones as well as tablet devices running iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems.

Check out our mobile libraries.

Hammer Hammer was previously a Software Developer at Braintree. More posts by this author

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