Offering New Insights with Transaction-Level Fee Reports

On top of helping to make your checkout seamless and secure, being a trusted payments partner means providing our merchants with actionable insights that can have an impact on business strategy and bottom line. We’re excited to announce the launch of Braintree’s Transaction-Level Fee Reports -- a new reporting capability for understanding and analyzing your processing fees at a per-transaction level.

This report is currently available to all US merchants processing with Braintree Direct on IC+ or flat rate pricing models. We plan to expand this reporting capability to more of our merchants globally. If you are unsure of your pricing model, please contact our Accounts team.

What is the Transaction-Level Fee Report?

The Transaction-Level Fee Report breaks down the individual fees charged for each of your transactions1, providing a better understanding of your company’s processing costs. By knowing the true costs, you can reconstruct the lifecycle of a transaction and analyze that information to identify business opportunities and potential cost savings.

With this report, you can:

  • Better understand Braintree fees and interchange2 as a transaction cost component

  • Gain visibility into the card types used by customers and cardholder country of issuance

  • Conduct transaction cost trend analysis across time periods, card types, card brands, and more

The information offered in this report can help merchants to garner key insights about their business and inform strategies for reducing overall underlying transaction costs.

Let’s take a look at how you can do that based on your pricing model.

For Merchants with IC+ Pricing

The Transaction-Level Fee Report tells you the estimated interchange fees -- along with any Braintree fees -- that you are being charged per transaction. By analyzing these fees over a period of time, you may be able to identify trends within your customer base and opportunities for cost-savings, informing strategic business decisions that can ultimately impact your business’ bottom line.

For example, a merchant may notice a steady increase in interchange fees due to international processing in a new or growing region. With that information on hand, the merchant may decide to establish a new bank relationship in that country or region in their strategic roadmap, helping to eliminate those fees. Long-term, that has the potential to impact the company’s costs and revenue.

Card type, along with a number of other factors including the type of merchant, cost of sale, processing technology, region, and more, influence the specific interchange fees that are applied. Because the interchange fees are estimates provided by our banking partner, they may not reflect the final priced fees charged at the end of this month so this report should not be used for reconciliation.

To learn more about accessing and understanding the Estimated IC+ Transaction-Level Fee Report, read our support article.

For Merchants with Flat Rate or Blended Pricing

The Transaction-Level Fee Report eliminates the need to manually calculate costs and understand transaction lifecycles, also making it easy to analyze your business’ transactions.

Just as it can for IC+ pricing merchants, this report helps simplify a merchant’s ability to identify patterns within their customer base to help drive business strategy or goals, such as prioritizing development in a particular region. However, in addition, flat rate and blended pricing merchants can utilize this report for monthly transaction reconciliation.

To learn more about accessing and understanding the Flat Rate Transaction-Level Fee Report, read our support article.

The Transaction-Level Fee Report is a key way Braintree is helping to deliver on our commitment to offering our merchants more insight into their payments processing, and we’re excited to continue to build new opportunities for insights as the year continues. Combined with our white-glove support and account management, we’re here to help you get the most clear understanding of your transaction costs and identify potential opportunities for growth, cost savings, and more.

Log in to the Braintree Control Panel to check out the report today.

The Transaction-Level Fee Report is currently available in the Control Panel. Access to this data via the API is coming soon!

1Please note that PayPal transactions or American Express transactions processed directly through Amex will not be included in this report._
2Merchants on IC+ pricing model only_

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