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Reach More Buyers in More Places

Get the technology, expertise, and insights you need to sell to more people -- and in more ways.

Braintree can help you:

• Accelerate growth and opportunity

• Unlock the power of partnerships

• Find new revenue streams

Take your business further

Reach new segments with a single integration that gives you access to multiple currencies, global markets, and popular payment methods including PayPal, Venmo (in the US), cards, wallets, and more in a single integration.

Access 250+ million active PayPal accounts in 200+ markets

130+ currencies

45+ countries/regions

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40% of international buyers choose PayPal*

After beauty-product retailer Beautylish added PayPal to its checkout, the company learned that 40% of cross-border buyers -- many of them first-time buyers -- were checking out via PayPal.

Read the Beautylish story

*Data based on the business’s own internal analysis. Results may not be typical and may vary substantially by business.


Up to +100% uplift in ancillary purchases*

Braintree Extend allows travel-booking platform Skyscanner to share payment information with airlines so buyers can book a flight directly on Skyscanner’s platform without being redirected -- leading to up to 100% uplift in ancillary purchases.

Read the Skyscanner story

*Data based on the business’s own internal analysis. Results may not be typical and may vary substantially by business.

Sell in new channels and new markets

Tap into new distribution channels, new geographies, and new revenue streams -- all while keeping buyers’ payment data secure.

Sell products or add-ons via partner platforms with contextual commerce

Incentivize engagement with rewards and loyalty programs

Process with local entities while maintaining a consistent experience

Learn more about connecting with partners

Simplify cross-border commerce

With both flat-rate and interchange pricing available, plus the world’s most popular payment methods including PayPal, cards, wallets, and more, we make it easy to sell just about anywhere with a single integration.

Learn more about payment methods

Grow your global footprint

Put our payments experience to work for you. Our relationships with local banks in the many regions we support can help you optimize acceptance rates, set up new currencies, and expand into new markets.

Learn more about going global

Seize the mobile opportunity

Multiply your points of contact and give the six billion people projected to be using smartphones by 20201 a first-class, friction-free payment experience.

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Drive higher

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Reach more buyers in more places

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Streamline business operations

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Mitigate risk and keep payment data secure

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2. IHS Markit analysis, published January 2017 by IHS Markit

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